Inblaugural Address

It has been suggested to me that a 'Blog' is an effective way for an artist to present his or her craft. And yet, I know a number of mimes who would disagree. The same suggestion was made years earlier about the 'World Wide Web', and it's promotional capabilities. And since then, we've seen little to no evidence that this Internet thing is catching on at all.
But I refuse to let the times pass me by, and I am nothing, if not cutting-edge.
So I will boot up my Commodore 64, and I will Blog.
I will Blog weekly, and I will Blog with gusto.
I will Blog in English, and I will Blog like a man who believes that there are actually people around the world who give a crap what he has to say.
I will not use my Blog for evil, but rather, to spread great joy through an appreciation of music and art.
Maybe, the odd time, I will use my Blog to denounce my enemies, but mostly, I will use it to spread great joy.
And in the name of music education, I endeavor to end my Blog each week with a little known musical fact. Like this one:

-According to historians, the very first musical note was invented during
the Paleolithic Era, when a brave, young caveman approached a piano found
outside of his cave-


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