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My goodness, it’s been a while…
I don’t think I’ve posted a Blog since the very last one. And you can be sure that I’ve had important things to say, for I am a songwriter, and songwriters have important things to say.
In my travels across France, however, I had little access to the Internet; and even if I’d had a chance to sit down at a computer, frustratingly, the letters on the keyboard would have been in French.
Alas, I am home now, and eager to Blog: to offer to the world my nuggets of deep social commentary and vine-ripened philosophy. You see, my ability as a songwriter to create catchy melodies means that I have the right – nay – the duty to comment on subjects about which I know very little. If a listener bought my record because it made them want to dance, than surely they must want to hear my opinion on the current geopolitical climate.
Which is why I am using this week’s Blog to offer special counsel to Senator Barack Obama in his bid for the Presidency. Obama has run an admirable campaign thus far, and his lofty rhetoric has managed to stir the soul of America. But if the Senator from Illinois truly wishes to secure himself a seat in the Oval Office, he must learn to play the drums.
Of course, I am not the only songwriter to have ever waxed political.
Over the years, many artists have used their artistic status to express partisan viewpoints: John Lennon, with his highly complex ‘Give Peace A Chance’ agenda… The Sex Pistols, with their lucid call for anarchy in the UK… and in more recent days, U2 frontman, Bono, with his public and practical appeal to ‘end world poverty now’. Sure, the world could’ve long ago heeded the advice of PhD’s and expert economists on the poverty issue, but it took Bono to shed light on the topic: a man as awesome as the appeal itself.
So it is imperative that we artists continue to ignore the boundaries of our calling, and use the pulpit to spread whatever political message seems the most awesome.
Now, the opposite also holds true. It is imperative for politicians to use music to further their cause. And that is why I implore Senator Obama to take heed of my advice.
Back in 1992, Democratic nominee Bill Clinton may have been running an intelligent and inspiring political campaign, but it wasn’t until he broke out the alto saxophone on late night television that America began to take him seriously as a presidential candidate.
This year, right wing Governor Mike Huckabee vied for the Republican nomination; and while he turned off some with his vehement pro-life, anti-gay marriage platform, he won the hearts of others by playing bass guitar at every campaign stop.
Huckabee may not have believed in evolution, but he could rock the four-string bass, and sometimes that’s all that matters.
So Senator Obama… if you really hope to capture the pulse of the nation, take a few days off from politicking and learn to play the drums. Strong words and ideas are great, but bang out a rhythm that is literally in step with America, and the election will be yours for the taking.
Trust me… I am a songwriter, and I have important things to say.
I end this week’s Blog with another interesting musical fact:

- Being a roadie for an a capella group is an excellent gig -


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