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Ever since I was young, I wanted to be a polymath.
"Polymaths get all the girls," my friends would tell me. "Polymaths have it made."
A polymath is a Greek term for someone who is proficient and competent in multiple fields. I misunderstood the definition, and spent my formative years working on a farm.
In fact, a polymath is another word for a 'Renaissance man', or someone who has broad intellectual interests and pursues a variety of artistic and professional endeavours. Leonardo da Vinci, a master painter, engineer and mathematician, was a true Renaissance man. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German poet, novelist, scientist and painter certainly fulfilled the Renaissance ideal. The Olsen twins are both Renaissance men, with their successful careers in television, film and fashion.
I was determined to join the ranks of the polymathic…
In my early twenties, I tried my hand at painting, studying the delicate art of pointillism. My career ended, however, when my employers discovered that it took me seven years to paint a client's rec room.
In my late twenties, I was determined to become a mathematician, but I found there to be too much math involved.
So at thirty, I took on music in all its forms, working as a songwriter, a producer, a recording artist, and a lyricist. I even played lead guitar in an a cappella band.
But I have one musical dream, as yet unattained. And it may be the one thing keeping me from becoming a Renaissance man (besides a cape and a moustache).
I have never been in a boy band.
I have never sung low harmony with four soul mates while we pop and lock in step at a wicked mall.
"Boy bands get all the girls," my friends would tell me. "Boy bands have it made."
It may be too late for me, but I'm willing to try. I have a few years of good hair left. I have a number of all-white outfits. I can riff.
I am ready for a rebirth. A renaissance.
I end this week's Blog with another interesting musical fact:

- Musicologists believe that the most soothing musical note is a C, especially when played by a masseuse -


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