Who Let The Blogs Out?

I recently looked up the word 'curious' in the dictionary.
I'm not sure why; I guess I am just (1) unduly inquisitive; or (2) eager to learn.
In any event, Webster's Dictionary (which he wrote long after the cancellation of his sitcom) defines curiosity as (3) the avid desire for knowledge and truth. It is a characteristic that compels all of us to seek out answers. A trait powerful enough to kill a cat and to launch the career of a precocious monkey named George.
Curiosity also helps to explain our leanings toward certain types of art, from the kitschy allure of a 'whodunit' novel, to the thrilling tug of a Hitchcock suspense.
We are engaged when our art keeps us guessing.
And music is no exception, as the great songs of our time ask the great questions of our time: "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?"…"Where Have All The Flowers Gone?"…"Are You Lonesome Tonight?"
"Who Let The Dogs Out?" was a smash hit in 2000 for Bahamas' dance outfit, The Baha Men. Sure its junkanoo dance rhythms were infectious, but I believe we as a listening audience were desperate to find out who, in fact, let the dogs out. Had we known at the time that Steve, the bass player, had let the dogs out, I think the song would've had much less resonance.
Bob Dylan's 1962 masterpiece, "Blowin' In The Wind", invoked many of the philosophical questions of the day. How many roads must a man walk down before you can call him a man? The answer is probably five or six (depending on the neighbourhood), but Dylan teases us a little, suggesting that the answer is 'blowing in the wind'. Maybe he, with his wiry folk-singer frame, could not grab hold of the answer. But it is more likely that Bob Dylan understood our sense of wonder; by not giving us an answer, we'd keep coming back to listen.
This morning, I started writing a song entitled, "Where the hell are my car keys?" I hope it makes you dance, and I hope it makes you curious.
I end this week's Blog with another interesting musical fact:

-The loudest musical note is an E-


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