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Before I begin this week’s fascinating dissertation on art, I must apologize to all of my faithful readers (sorry, Mom) for not having posted sooner. I have been holed up in the studio through much of June, recording the ending to a really neat New Age dance track. (Personally, I think a month-long fadeout on a song is too long, but the artist insisted.)
Time away from the computer, however, has allowed me to think about my Blog, and some of the ways that I might improve it.
For instance, every once in a while I would like to use my Blog to incite political upheaval.
Also, I would like to pay more attention to the font that I use in my postings. Switching to Arial or Sans Serif to emphasize a point would surely add a little zing.
And lastly, I’d like to share with my readers some of the more interesting pieces of art memorabilia that I have collected since I first started pretending to collect art memorabilia. Like this letter of reference given to Michelangelo after the completion of his work on the Sistine Chapel in the year 1512 –
To Whom It May Concern,
My name is Pope Julius II, and I am writing this letter on behalf of Michelangelo Buonarroti. I met Michelangelo some years back, and upon the recommendation of my architect, I hired him to paint the ceiling in my Chapel.
Michelangelo showed up regularly to work in the mornings, with little to no fuss. He built his own scaffolding, and grinded up his paint colors entirely on his own.
He worked tirelessly without rest, and refused to allow his assistants to do any of the actual painting.
At first, I was alarmed at the time it was taking to complete the job. I had anticipated a two to three week turnaround, and when the project entered its fourth year, I began to grow impatient.
But when Michelangelo finally finished his work, I could not have been more satisfied. All across the ceiling were painted depictions from the bible: the story of Noah, the Creation of Adam, the image of God. I was expecting Michelangelo to simply go over the ceiling with a nice coat of grey paint. But he really went above and beyond with all these paintings of various people in various poses.
Now, my only concern is that when I am addressing my congregants, they keep staring up at the ceiling!!
I would recommend Michelangelo for any residential or commercial work, and I intend to hire him next summer to repaint our back veranda.
Pope Julius II

A letter of reference from a Pope could really launch your career as an artist back then, and Michelangelo ended up getting a number of other great gigs as a result of his work on the Sistine Chapel.
I end this week’s Blog with another interesting musical fact:

- Fans of the band Pink Floyd were delighted to learn that the laser show created for the 1994 Division Bell tour would both blow their minds AND correct their eyesight -


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i once hired jackson pollack to paint my living room.
what a disaster.

tim said...
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